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Presentation Materials for Special Services

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Hope United Church has Modern Audio Video Equipment available for use in special services such as Funerals and Weddings. This article provides guidance should you wish to make use of this equipment during your special service.

Equipment Sanctuary

Our main sanctuary has a full Audio system with 16 channel audio mixer. We have a 12 channel snake running to the stage and half a dozen microphones and stands available. We also have 11 wireless headset mikes with transmitter packs and, 2 wireless hand-head microphones.

Our main sanctuary is equipped with two 100 inch roll down projector screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio. These are NOT widescreen displays. For the Choir and those sitting in the Chancel area, there is a 50-inch flat-screen screen display on a pedestal mount. All displays are controlled from the sound booth located at the back of the sanctuary on the balcony.

The Sanctuary has 5 PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) standard definition cameras that are used for video recording and live streaming of events.

Sound Booth

In the Sanctuary sound booth, a dedicated high-power computer is used to mix camera video and other media for live streams. We use the software OBS Studio for the preparation of live streams and recording. We live stream exclusively to the YouTube platform and provide unique shareable links to all events.

A separate modern computer with PowerPoint is dedicated to presenting content to the displays in the sanctuary. This computer can also be used to present video with audio. Material from this computer can be fed into the live stream.

A third computer is used to control the various Audio Video equipment and PTZ cameras.

We also have provisions to connect your laptop to the presentation system with audio via VGA(4) connector and USB audio device. However, we highly recommend you provide the media, (DVDs, CDs, USB stick) and allow us to present it using our hardware.


We can host hybrid in-person and online ZOOM meetings in our Sanctuary. ZOOM attendees are displayed on the main projector screens in Gallery or speaker mode. Audio from the ZOOM meeting can be routed to the Sanctuary sound system. In this way, ZOOM attendees can address those present in person.

Also, audio and video from the Sanctuary are routed to the ZOOM meeting, so those on the ZOOM call can see and hear what is going on in the sanctuary. Audio is taken from the Sanctuary sound system so all hands-free microphones can be used. Video is prepared using the 5 PTZ cameras and the OBS Studio computer.

Church Hall

The church hall (basement) we have a full sound system with a 16 channel mixer and a single wireless handheld microphone.

The hall also has a 100 inch projector screen that pulls down from ceiling above the stage, in front of the curtains. A small trolley and projector are available for use with the screen but will need to sit about 10 feet in front of the stage. The space between Screen and the projector will need to be kept clear.

We have a system in the hall that can present DVDs on this screen with surround sound. For other me,dia the use of a laptop is recommended, provided by us or yourself. The projector has a standard VGA(4) connector for connection to the laptop, for audio the sound system can be connected using a standard 1/8" headphone connector as found on most laptops.


The operation of the equipment in Sanctuary requires trained operators from our congregation. We have several operators available and with sufficient notification (one week) we can accommodate most requests. There is a fee for Weddings and Funerals, $50 for basic sound only and $100 for advanced tech. Advanced tech includes video recordings and lifestreaming of events to YouTube and integration of ZOOM meetings into events.

The equipment in the church hall is more basic and our presence is not required for its use. let us know how you wish it to be used and we will have it set up in advance.


If you have material you wish to make part of your special service, the material must be provided in advance of the service. Material supplied the day of service may not be used. Please contact the church office to arrange the delivery of the materials to those engaged to do the Audio Video for your function.

Material can be provided in any digital format you have such as;

  • CDs

  • DVDs

  • MP3 files

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Video Files

  • Audio Files

  • Links to YouTube videos(1)

With enough notice and advance arrangements(2) we can even take your analog material and convert it to a suitable Digital Material for integration into your service. Formats we can convert include;

  • Photographs

  • VHS video tapes

  • VHS-C video tapes

  • Vinyl LP

  • analog 8mm Video tapes

  • 8 mm and Super 8 home movies (3)


  1. Never attempt to or request that a YouTube video be played directly from YouTube during your service. Please provide a Link to the video you wish to use we will convert it to video file free of any commercials and guaranteed to be available.

  2. Conversion of this material is a manual process and requires at least one weeks notice. Depending on the size of the job additional fees may apply.

  3. The sound from Super 8 movies is NOT converted

  4. If you wish to present using your own laptop be sure you have available a VGA output. Mac-books and newer Windows tablet-style computers require an adapter. We DO NOT have the required adapters.

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