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A Service of Visioning

Updated: 3 days ago

Hope United is open for in-person worship Sunday mornings at 10:30. We follow public health guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. We follow the service on the audio-visual screens.

Please note there will be no live stream for this service, because of volunteer unavailability. If you have even a passing familiarity with windows computers and would like to contribute to this ministry, please visit our sound booth during any Sunday service. We would be happy to show you what is involved, even give a chance to push the buttons, so to speak. We set everything up prior to each service. The team operating the Audio Visual system only needs to select the correct video scene, microphones and power point slide during each part of the service, and we provide a Cue Sheet each Sunday that outlines what settings to use.

You can download the Order of Worship and announcements below.

2024-05-19 Worship & Announcements
Download PDF • 278KB

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